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Moa Beer

Consumer problem

Moa is currently not a “go-to beer.” Its brand-awareness is limited in the United States.


To raise the consumer’s awareness that Moa is not just any imported craft beer, it is a market-leading brand that is award-winning and includes a swath of beers (including breakfast beers) and ciders that are perfect for pairing with food and celebrations. 


Male and Female 21+

Beer enthusiasts. 

Anyone who drinks beer and follows trends. 

They believe in quality over quantity.


The new trend is to pair beer with food instead of wine. People enjoy drinking beer socially and at celebrations and are willing to try something new as long as it is high-quality.   

Consumer Message

You will be surprised how much you will enjoy the variety of beers Moa produces and that you can effortlessly pair their beers with food and celebrations.


Laid back, cool, enthusiastic